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Welcome to My Library, your one stop place to search, store and manage all of your Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) reference materials.

Specifically designed for the medical profession, My Library allows easy access to your stored reference data from work, home or anywhere you have an Internet connection!

Published references section

The published references section allows you to:

  • »  Import medical references from the PubMed database
  • »  Attach full articles
  • »  Sort stored references into customised libraries
  • »  Attach custom search tags
  • »  Easily browse and find stored references
  • »  Share references with other professionals

General entries section

The general entries section allows you to:

  • »  Store unpublished references, protocols, pathways etc
  • »  Attach multiple files to each entry
  • »  Sort your entries into customised libraries
  • »  Attach search tags to your entries
  • »  Easily browse or search for entries
  • »  Share entries with other members of your group(s)

Web favourites section

The web favourites section allows you to:

  • »  Store all your favourite websites in one convenient location
  • »  Sort your web favourites into customised folders
  • »  Browse or search for stored websites
  • »  Attach useful, descriptive comments
  • »  Share websites with other members of your group(s)

Your time is valuable, we aim to help you maximise the value you get from your research time and reduce the overall effort involved.